Masons & Matrimony

Brothers from Lodge 531 recently participated in the wedding ceremony of Brother James Byers. The wedding was held on Sunday, September 2, 2012, at Firwood United Methodist Church in Wilkes-Barre.

Brothers Christopher Matus, PM 2011, Jonathan Sinclair, WM 2012, David Evans Jr., and Robert McGuire Jr. served as ushers welcoming and directing guests. They later opened the ceremony by leading the wedding party to the altar where they stood until the Father of the Bride was seated. After the Pastor’s final remarks, the Brothers rose from their pew then walked halfway down the aisle where they formed a sword arch for the Groom and Bride to pass under. Once the entire wedding party had passed under and exited, the Masons sheathed their swords and closed the ceremony by being the last members to walk down the aisle.

Usually, Masons gather for ceremonies to celebrate the life of a Brother, but on that day four Brothers led the celebration of another’s nuptials. The incorporation of Freemasons in weddings is rarely done (if at all) and required the approval of District Deputy Grand Master Barry Littleford.

The special ceremony was well received by the audience and pleasantly surprised a Past Master from a neighboring district Lodge who was a guest of the Bride.

The event was noted in several local newspapers as well as the March 2013 issue of Freemasonry magazine.